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Scrolling through our feeds deteriorates our mental health if we are not matching our 24/7 consumption-input with nearly the same amount of creation-output. There might be too many things to pay attention to and we are consuming at an all time high: over-abundance of information, over-abundance of food, unlimited access to porn and a selection pool of dates that never seem to pan out until we move onto the next… Read More
Everyone hears about it the first time and doesn’t pay much attention, moi included. You hear about it for a second time and form an innocent, introductory opinion, labeling it as drug-money and a pyramid-scheme with no real value. You then hear about it a third time and start thinking ‘this thing isn’t going away’, and maybe, just maybe, you decide that after hearing about it for the 3rd time in a span of a few months to a few years to finally… Read More
Clubhouse is the latest and greatest mobile application that is a hybrid between social media and live podcasts. Imagine your favorite speaker, influencer or celebrity, sprinkle some Clubhouse and voilà, you can engage with & listen to them speak about any arbitrary subject as if you are in the same room with them, live… Read More
A couple friends told me that not masturbating for a year was more of an impressive feat than going sober for two. While I did masturbate once during the year, it was when I was video camming with a gal I was seeing at time. Video sex as you call it so I guess I’m in the clear, could you blame me for taking screen… Read More
The objective of this article is to examine the fundamental path to a price of $100,000 per bitcoin. It has been the most thrilling fourteen months I have ever spent, filled with agony, joy, and sleepless nights all behind a keyboard. Through my study, I have found that our current debt-based society has no endgame in the ability to repay governments’ considerable amount of debt, quantitative easing and fractional reserve banking does not work. Bitcoin’s mysterious origin is thus… Read More
It’s not quite as simple as black people go to jail more often and receiver longer sentences but almost. Food fairs, valentine’s day flowers, water bottle canteens and car washes were fundraisers back in grade-school that required cooperation between two parties. Now I’m not too sure if Gen Zs still do it like we did it back in the day when trying to raise money, but students… Read More
Bitcoin is a speculative asset that has successfully passed its experimental phase and is now unstoppable. The study of Bitcoin is one of the most exciting and innovative fields today, where its security model is an intriguing cross-disciplinary study that combines computer programming, game theory, mathematics, physics & energy among others. Connecting peer-to-peer without a third party… Read More
With over 30,000 square feet of space, Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness is an exercise junkie’s dream for those that just want to stay healthy to aspiring MMA fighters and weight-lifting gym rats alike. Quite possibly the best thing about Urijah Faber’s gym is the first thing you notice once you step foot into this facility… Read More
I never realized how vehemently bad I am with talking to women until I stopped drinking and smoking. I mean, I kinda had an idea, but now its like 100% confirmed. Having gone completely sober for a quarter o the year may come as a surprise for those of you that know me, and for those of you that don’t, I frequently blacked out on weekends, smoke cigarettes daily and constantly enabled others around me to do things normal people don’t do. As with most things, normal is pretty relative and to this extent, its better left up to your notion as to what… Read More

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