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What is the Clubhouse App and how to get invited to Clubhouse?​

Clubhouse is the latest and greatest mobile application that is a hybrid between social media and live podcasts.

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What is the Clubhouse App?

Imagine your favorite speaker, influencer or celebrity, sprinkle some Clubhouse and voilà, you can engage with & listen to them speak about any arbitrary subject as if you are in the same room with them, live.


The iOS invitation-only app was launched amidst the middle of the pandemic in April 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. developers with an initial $12M Series A investment that has soared to current valuations of $1 Billion. Somehow we all knew that great apps were going to be born out of the 2020 quarantine.


How to get Invited to Clubhouse?

You can try to get lucky on reddit or twitter asking random folks to invite you but if you have a decent circle of friends & family, I would recommend reaching out to the girl or dude that always tells you to listen to ‘this podcast’ or contact any of the smart geeks you use to copy homework from and kindly ask if they have an extra invite to Clubhouse. If all else fails shoot me a message here or on social media and I’ll invite you if I have one available.

What is the Clubhouse App?
Clubhouse iOS Feed

How to get invites on Clubhouse / how to invite people to Clubhouse?

You’ll have to listen to a few hours of folks spitting straight knowledge for the algorithm to grant you an invite. Following lots of people and exploring numerous topics may help although I believe the secret to getting Clubhouse invites in order to invite others is to host rooms and participate by speaking.


What is the best / most effective way to use Clubhouse?

Besides following your favorite humans, there is no right answer and it depends on what you are looking for. Through my experience, I found that the most effective way of using Clubhouse is to follow only a minimal amount of topics you are actually curious about so that you can focus your feed rather than following a shit ton of topics you only mediocrely care about. Don’t forget to follow your friends and family, you never know when they’ll be on Clubhouse hosting a room and speaking!


What is the best way to listen to my favorite person live?

This hack isn’t up for debate, the absolute best way to listen to your favorite person live is to follow your favorite gal or guy on the Clubhouse app and enable live notifications so that you know exactly when they are in a room participating. It’s a truly fantastic experience the first few times especially if you are into mental stimulation.

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For now, the Clubhouse App is only available on iOS. From Elon Musk to Kanye West to Vladimir Putin, technology is once again decentralizing the middleman (untrustworthy legacy news / media outlets) and bringing your male or female superstar right to your smart device via audio-chat, live.

How to get invited to clubhouse?

Invites to Clubhouse

How to invite people to clubhouse?

What is the clubhouse app?

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