The Insecurity of being Short and Overcoming it

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Mar 18, 2021 · 3 min read



Save the low urinals for the boys and the short dudes, we don’t like splash backs. If you have ever lived as a short person then high heels are either your best friends or your absolute worst nightmare— especially in the clubs. By short, yes you know who you are, average height or below, depending on Earth region of course but we know who we are.

My insecurity of being short and overcoming it relates to the one type of insecurity you have from your sexual orientation to skin color to your small tits or tiny cock to the annoying imperfection on your face or to the one deep insecurity you may have.

There’s no doubt some men add an inch or two on their dating profile and rightfully so since height is important and preferred, all else equal. Some would say the height of a woman doesn’t matter much in dating which is mostly true depending on the mate’s preference, but in business and careers, height may play more of a factor as I know some women who wish for an extra inch here and there.

I am writing to all you short mfs as I stand at a compact 5’5″ on a good day.

Firstly for any of you that happen to be reading this and haven’t finished your growth spurt yet (mid-teens for females, early twenties for males), while some argue it is mostly hereditary — it probably is — when it comes to swiping, it is literally a game of inches my friend.

I’m spit balling the following that may help to be mindful of so you can avoid the insecurity of being short later on in life:

  • Try not to smoke a shit ton of weed until after you’re done growing, you will be able to take as many gravity bong hits as you please after your spurt
  • Stay away from caffeine, and instant ramen (yes I know its hard for azns)
  • I have no clue if milk and calcium actually helps or not, I’ve heard cornbread and living in the South helps tho. I’d say drink it anyways because it probably doesn’t hurt
  • If you naturally curl up like a baby and sleep on your side it might help to sleep straight instead
  • Do the right things in sleeping early in as dark of a room as possible, you want to hit REM during your sleep and likely want at least 8 hours each night
  • Exercise, play basketball or do an activity that requires you to jump a lot
  • Google it
For those of you that are shit out of luck and live in world where most folks are taller than you I am grateful to say that I share this very world with you and understand where you are coming from.
Insecurity of being short
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The last thing you want to do is have some Napoleon Complex by the way you behave, I’ll spare you the reminder search and share that the Napoleon Complex is a way to describe short ppl trying to make up for their stature by being aggressive or going over the top with how they socialize/behave—  Napoleon was a French Emperor who conquered most of Europe during the 19th century standing at a cool 5’6″ (he definitely smashed).


I’ve gotten called this Napoleon Complex a few times which is pretty funny if you and I are familiar with each other.


It is truly a mental game and you cannot go into the game thinking you are going to lose—  thinking you are not tall enough or not good enough, or else you will probably lose.

Put yourself in a game theory perspective, regardless of whether or not your insecurity matters to potential mates or business colleagues, the best move you can make anyways is to go into the game thinking you are going to win—having the mentality that you are tall enough, good enough and that your insecurity doesn’t matter. You need to go into the game envisioning you are going to win—thinking you are tall enough, good enough and that your insecurity doesn’t matter.

People will sniff your insecurity out, especially women.. they have like the sixth sense.

If it matters, you didn’t have a chance anyways.
If it doesn’t matter, then its just about confidence, nothing new boys and girls.

I’m not saying that you’ll definitely win, life might just be a game of chance and probabilities— whatever you can do to increase the odds in your favor through acceptance of what is and preparation for what’s to come may help.

Yeah you can do power poses and take up more physical space but that doesn’t really mean shit when you’re in a networking meeting or in the clubs. You’ll just look like an insecure dumbass.

My moment of acceptance was when a 5’9″ fourteen year-old-kid told me earlier today in the sauna that 5’5″ is what most normal adults aren’t 😭.  I asked him if he was taking a jab at me. With a confused look he said but that’s okay because mentally you are like six foot.

Now he might have been saying that to make me feel better but he is completely right in it that your confidence and personality has to be bigger than your height.

You have to first accept that you are shit out of luck before being able to confidently play the life cards you’re dealt with. Again, this admittedly goes for the one deep insecurity you have. 

You are blessed if you don’t have one (you have one), I’ve heard that most humans don’t really get over it until their 30s or 40s when everyone realizes that nobody really gives a shit and folks are just concerned with themselves, for the most part.

Without true inner acceptance you cannot move onto the next mental stage in going to the game with a confident, winning mentality because you are still hindered by your insecurity. Maybe go talk to a young kid half your age for the truth since your friends & family don’t wanna tell you.

Insecurity of being short

How to overcome the insecurity of being short

Overcoming the insecurity of being short
Insecurity of being short and overcoming it

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